Cell Phone Case, Covers and Skins

Hard Soft Rubber

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Shopping Tips

When it comes to looking for cell phone accessories, there are a number of things that you have to keep in mind. One is to always buy accessories that are compatible with the brand and design of your mobile phone. There are some sorts of mobile phone accessories that are just developed for specific makes of mobile phone.

It's also crucial that you get your phone accessories from respectable establishments. The net is filled with online stores that offer low-grade accessories that are unworthy your money. Buy from dependable internet sites and credible establishments in your location. Take your time when shopping so you can find large amounts.

Did you Know

SMS is still king of mobile messaging with five trillion messages sent in 2009. Despite the popularity of mobile email, IM and MMS, SMS is predicted to exceed 10 trillion in 2013.

There are 4.16 billion people who owns a mobile phone. That up to 60% of the radiation emitted by a typical cell phone, (enough to cause heating), will be absorbed by the user’s head.

What is the difference between a skin and case?

A Skin is a thin "cover" that goes over your phone and most-likely has a nice design. It focuses more on adding style to the cell phone and provides only a little extra protection such as from scratches. It will not protect your phone if you drop it. A cell phone case can be made of many different materials, leather, plastic, metal, silicon rubber, etc.

A Case focuses more on function which is to protect and less in style. A case protects from scratches and from drops, dings, etc. It will have a little more bulk but will protect your phone better.

Consider your budget plan initially prior to choosing any purchase. Decide your price range and set your spending plan limitation in order to you conserve cash as well.